Religious Jedi Mind Tricks & Emotional RollerCoasters

The assumption of many Americans has been that religion is supposed to provide direction and mandates for morality and the promotion of human welfare and not exacerbate and add to the misery and degradation of abuse and dysfunction. There are some individuals who see the injustices, challenge them, refuse to look away, and not report them. This is not an indictment of all who partake of religion and its proclivities.

Deep probing investigations should be conducted on religious and social institutions that cover up and engage in child abuse, emotional abuse, and psychological warfare on its members. These abuses have been ongoing for centuries, yet it is bypassed and ignored in many cases. Well, it used to be. As of late, we have been seeing an upsurge in the number of pedophiles and predators hiding behind their unopened Bibles being convicted, sued, and exposed. Modern technology is allowing for the masses to see that these are not necessarily isolated events. People are starting to share their stories and/or the stories of friends and family who were taken advantage of and used by those who hide behind the façade of religion. I would encourage people to continue to share their stories and refuse to finance the misconduct. Their continued support is tacit agreement and makes them complicit especially if they are aware of the abuse taking place. Many use the excuse that they didn’t see it with their own eyes, so they have no place to judge.

Many have been scared and shamed into silence by these scripture quoting predators. They particularly like to quote “Judge not” and “Touch not.” These particular scriptures have been taken out of context and are used to subjugate and oppress the very people that these heretics claim to protect and love.

It is my opinion that parents that indoctrinate their children from birth, force them to go to church, and chastise them for speaking the truth about the wrongs that they see and encounter in these institutions, are guilty of child abuse. As an adult you also witness the wrongdoings, yet you excuse it away. You admonish the child to do as you say and not as you do. Then you play fetch and step, hide and go seek, house, and doctor with those who profess, along with yourself, and expect your child to not emulate the behavior being displayed. You also encourage your child to listen to the man or woman of God, which in turn gives these predators an opportunity to take advantage of your vulnerable child. You have done your child(ren) an injustice.

Religious beliefs can foster, encourage, and justify child abuse, yet religious motivations for child abuse and neglect have been virtually ignored in social science research.” You can find the stories all over the internet. There are websites dedicated to exposing the abuse perpetrated by those who claim authority over you and your children. The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect is a national center that concentrates on research and publications regarding child abuse and neglect. When is enough ever going to be enough? Why aren’t you protesting this behavior by refusing to attend and participate in these dens of iniquity? Gather up your family & money, and run as fast as you can from these bastions of abuse.

Psychological abuse is inflicted on those who are vulnerable and those who refuse to submit to the authority of the perpetrator. The Bible has been manipulated and twisted through the teaching of doctrines that encourages the faithful to accept what they are being told and instructed to do without question or justification. Many have been instructed from birth to revere and respect those who hold authority over them. This alleged authority is used, in some cases, to hurt the very people who hold them in high regard. In most cases, it is directed at children and emotionally, psychologically, and physically vulnerable adults. Whether the intentions are malicious, vicious, or well meaning remains to be discussed.

The most difficult part for many seems to be leaving their social construct. They may be walking away from friends and family who have supported them throughout the years. These relationships tend to become damaged or destroyed by the direction of those in leadership. Many are vilified and demonized because they didn’t fall in line with the wishes of those in leadership. These victims have invested their money, time, reputation, and emotions into these institutions and deserve to be treated better than the latest bag of trash to be discarded to make room for the next victim..I mean member. It is never easy to walk away from something that you have known all of your life. They have seen how others have been treated when they left or kicked out of the fold. Some have been brainwashed into believing that their ‘faith’ has been compromised because they left and dared to challenge the (wo)man of God. They may tell you that you are leaving God’s will, but it is a mind control mechanism. This is simply not true. Faith, or lack thereof, is a personal journey or relationship. They have been conditioned to believe that the world is against them and has nothing but evil and malice to offer. Which is the lesser of the two evils; the abusive environment or starting over in an alleged unfamiliar territory?

Religion tends to foster, cultivate, and encourage co-dependent behavior. They use fear, guilt, shame, manipulation, and brainwashing by twisting the scriptures, via proof texting, to create this environment and behavior. Please just be mindful of the tactics used to entrap you and your loved ones. These are only a few of the many that have been developed over the years.

Even if you decide to remain, please research what you are being taught and do not idolize that (wo)man who claims to speak for some higher authority. Be your own person and use your discernment.


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